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Prestige Induction Cooktop PIC 20.0+ 1600 watts with Automatic voltage regulator ( White)

Product description

The Prestige Induction Cook-Top offers quick and consistent heating at high efficiency. Add to this its anti-magnetic wall, soft touch buttons, durability, safety and elegance make cooking a pleasing and enjoyable experience. The Prestige Induction Cook-Top comes with the unique power saver technology wherein the Induction Cook-Top dynamically monitors the temperature of the vessel and adjusts the power level based on the size (base diameter) of the vessel. This user friendly cooktop stove is a smart addition to your Kitchen at affordable price! Cook healthy meal with best designed induction which keeps food warm and tasty. Cook your best items with quick recipes comes with Indian menu options for perfect cooking style of Indian. There are many option provided to prepare food likes omelets, curry, rice, chapatti, idly any much more just a touch of a button. The latest technology designed maintain to perform the task of cooking easy and prepare food without any hesitation of getting burned. Timer are set to maintain according to your requirements with power saver. Easy to maintain the cleaning process by wiping it with a clean cloth. It’s the safeties devices and fastest to cook as compare to gas stove which has a risk of dangerous. Quality of body is made with a high strength and good material and portable to carry anywhere. This is one of the best induction cooktop in India at a very reasonable price.

  • 1600 watts, Indian menu option
  • Anti Magnetic Wall, Timer with User Pre Set
  • Automatic voltage regulator , Power saver technology
  • Made In India
  • Warranty 1 Year

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