Introducing the G Shock Watches: A Durable and Stylish Accessory

g shock watches

Introducing the g shock watches available at the very high quality durable tough long-lasting body. That suits the personality of an individual. The model available here has a blue belt in attractive colors with a black dial inside and a round shape covered with glass material. Watches as g shock having a 200m drive level water resistance depth. Features that contain a stopwatch, light, dual time set, count down timer, a calendar with date-day-month, etc.

Below is the list of g shock watches for both men and women with pros and attractive collections.

Features Description

g shock watches
  • Black dial with a round shape
  • Blue Band Color with a resin material
  • Quartz, Watch Display
  • Analog-Digital watch
  • Case Material: Resin, Case Diameter: 48.7 millimeters, Size of case: 51.2×48.7×14.1mm
  • Water Resistance Depth 200 meters
  • stopwatch; dual time; countdown timer; light
  • 2 years warranty


200-meter water resistant with double led light
Resistant Carbon Core guard structure
come in different colors and attractive look
A longevity battery lasts up to 3 years

Weight of round Grams shocks analog watches that are being designed for daily roughly use. Wearable in any occasion or professional as well as sporty wear. Enjoy the level of being comfortable on your wrist.  A brand that all loves to wear with a warranty period of 2 years is a sign of roughly using with no doubt of being that tough.

Female watches G shock

G shock watches were introduced by Casio in April 1983 with the high demand for durable watches. These watches consist of triple 10 resistance which means the battery life would be expanded 10 years more and can sustain a fall from 10 meters high as compared to normal watches.

Made in Japan watches have been introduced worldwide as the name of g shock watches, And were released by the American division of Casio.  The demand o g shock watches has been increasing rapidly in the year 1990s and as time passed by the year 1998 Casio division launched more than 200 models of different kinds of watches arrived in the worldwide market with sales of 19 units.

Features Description

g shock watches
  • Round Case Shape with dial glass material
  • Resin band material
  • Quartz Watch Movement
  • Analog-Digital Display
  • Case Material: Resin, Case Diameter: 42.4 millimeters
  • 100 meters of water Resistance Depth
  • stopwatch; alarm; light;


100-meter water resist super illuminator led light
Neobrite shock-resistant mineral glass
Very attractive and stylish look with toughness
A longevity battery last up to 3 years

Best g shock watches collections

The first women’s g shock watches were introduced in the year 1994 a design watch named BABY-G. A watches for women that meet the fashion and the charms of their personality. A solid body material that indicates the sign of tough, unique, stylish, and amazing go-on wear. BABY-G watches consist of waterproof or water-resistant with multiple functional features like alarms, stop the clock, etc. Its availability is been introduced in the market with different kinds of models and designs of a single-piece models.

Besides this, a Mini g shock watch has been launched originally for the women with a smaller dialer, and later on, it’s been launched as unisex, especially for the people with the smaller wrists to have fitted with it.

G shock watches are being in the popularity of its branding from men to women and at last, the part of a unisex collection that’s been spread at the worldwide nation to bring the elegancy in the dressing sense.

In the year 2017 September 1 Casio celebrated its 100 million shipment of g shock watches worldwide due to high demand and sales in the market. It has grabbed the attention of millions of people worldwide which leads to a high supply of watches. Casio has made his place successfully in the world of watches which are been familiar to everyone. Its contribution to being successful includes the huge business in online marketing with some of the famous e-commerce websites available online to display Casio and reaches out to many of them worldwide.

There are many kinds of improved technology added as the year passes by. Some technology like multi-Band 6 which was introduced in the year 2008 a radio control technology on one of the models GW9200 Riseman has been applied. Most recently the current model’s watches include the atomic clock. (an instrument that measures the time accurately by the natural vibrations of atoms).

This kind of g shock watch is been used popularly mainly by the rough and tuff people who are dealing with the daily challenges in their hard work as a mountain climbers, army men sportsmen who are involved in running, swimming, car racing, cycling, etc. The watches are been named the toughest watches worldwide as technology has been kept in mind to design and prepare of giving the effects of hard bounce in the rough surface with the idea of no damage implements concept being included to it.


Are g shock watches good?

Its been well known for its toughness and waterproof resistance with a depth of 200m. It’s affordable as compared to its features and comes in thousands of other models with different stylish and modern looks in the collection.

Why g shock watches are expensive?

It’s been the toughest watch ever been manufactured and has been entered in the Guinness book of record. In 2017 the heaviest truck of 20 tons drove over at one of the watches of g shock for testing. And it’s been passed over it successfully without any damage. So It’s been announced as the world’s most tough watch which does not compromise its toughness with low price.