North Sentinel Island A place of Sentinelese

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North Sentinel Island brief description

North Sentinel Island considering around 59.67 km2 been treated like a home of Aboriginal Tribes. Living more than about 55, 000 years ago. The place North Sentinel Island lies under the part of India and is located on the Bay of Bengal. A Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The most interesting facts and for your knowledge to know let me give you the exact information. This island is the only place to live and shelter for the Sentinelese. An ancient tribe of a group of people less than 500 approximate are living here.

An isolated kind of Sentinelese those who are not connected to any part of the outside world or people. In other clear words isolation being practice from the outside world more than thousands of years ago. No outside from any part of the world can get connected to them. They protect themselves and refuses to meet the people beyond their own tribes. It has been strictly ordered by the Indian authority not allowed to visit these Islands.

They basically killed or murdered people who belong to an outsider world. In the year 1956 Indian Government have made a decision. It’s been declared as no traveller should visit the banned area of 5.6 km of the said island. And photography is strictly not allowed in this area and if such found it will be the acts punishable.

North Sentinel Island

History of Sentinelese

Some of the close by Islands like the Andaman peoples known as Onge tribes. They are aware of the presence of the North Sentinel Island and their isolated behaviour. Some of Onges culture and tradition is been absorbed as similarities as compare to North Sentinelese. In the 19th century, Onges were made to travelled North Sentinel Island by the British. But they even failed to understand the languages of Sentinelese. So, the language gaps are the major problem that leads to the separation of the sentinel from the outside world.

It’s have been noticed that there were several lights observed by the ship named East India Company. A ship that was passing by the Sentinelese’s island in the year 1771. Apart from this in the same year of the close by monsoon season an Indian ship called Nineveh. A ship which gone stuck or broken up just close by the North Sentential Island. And due to an emergency, more than 106 survive and the crewmen all landed on the ship boat from the broken ship. They werr caught under attacked with the Sentinelese with the bow and arrow.

North Sentinel Island
Bows And Arrows

Some of the history been like a Maurice Vidal Portman a government administrator have visited North Sentinel Island. In hope of making research of their lifestyle native and customs in January 1880.          

Another landing was made on 27 August 1883 by the Portman.

T. N Pandit efforts towards Sentinelese

Mr Pandit was the well-known Anthropologist of the Indian Survey. He started to begin his way out to visit the Island of North sentential. In the year 1967 being part of the expedition as mentioned above. He uses to take a variety of item and try to attract the Sentinelese to make contact with them. The Sentinelese was at the beginning was ready with bows and arrows with a non-friendly interact behaviour. All this was have been observed by them.

But after many several journeys to the North Sentinel Island and making the effort to contact them. So by gifting them like coconuts, tools etc. The Sentinelese seems to become calm and given chances to come close to them in the ocean to collect the gift of coconut which took place in the year 1991. But still, they were not permitted to visit their sentinel Island.

North Sentinel Island
Gifted Coconuts

The team of anthropologist have tried several ways to get in contact with them by using the sign languages but they didn’t succeed as all were busy collecting the gifts which were offered them. They were also speaking in their own tribal languages which is not any by any of them but it sounds like some kind of other tribal languages that have been spoken by other Andaman tribes.

Overall, many of the British and Portman’s have made their travelling towards North Sentinel Island to get them in contact in some ways but none was succeeding to get connected to isolated tribes.

Geographical Area of North Sentential Island

The Island of North Sentential is located on the west side of the town of Wandoor which is in South Andaman, a distance of around 50 km west side of the Port Blair and is about 59.6 north side of the parallel of South Sentential Island. An area that is geographically in the square outline. The North Sentential Island is basically a deep bushes area surrounded by wildlife trees, plants, herbs, animals, birds and insects. A deep area consists of bushes and jungles to be called a forest.

Sentinelese are habituated to living in the wildlife with the weapons and tools sort of elements almost used by the old stone age people. They fully depended on the resources available on their island itself which is enough to fulfil their necessity so therefore they are not interested or meeting the people of the outside world.

North Sentinel Island
Deep Forest

Food Sentinels eat to survive

The people of the sentinels are basically hunters it seems that some practice of old stone age still exists in the form of North sentinel tribes. This island also having wildlife so sentential depends on hunting their food on the islands themselves for living. They use bow and arrow to hunt and even they must be using some early stone techniques to hunt fishes and seafood which is easily available in the seashore of an Island. They also feed themselves with some wild plants and herbs, fruits, nuts, mud crabs etc. But non-available agriculture has been the practice here.

Fire used by Sentential

The fire part was observed by Pandit an anthropologist who visited North sentential Island every time for 24 years. He keeps on putting in an effort into making friendly contacts with the Sentinelese by gifting them a variety of items. So, it was mentioned that They roasted fish, wild fruits on fire. Apart from this, they are not aware of making up the fire so they keep continuous burning of the blaze on which they can invent more fire when needed. They even make a fire to lightening their huts and everywhere.

Sentinels Lifestyle

Sentinelese’s lives in a hut made of dry leaves with the balance and supported of four poles of branches and wood. They wear an ornament like necklace, jawbones of the wild animal on their neck which they hunted. And some belt kind structure has been worn on the waist by both the gender as a part of their clothes. As to discuss the dressing sense they basically wore nothing stays naked.

And some pictures taken by the helicopters shows that some of their bodies are been painted with red clay or mud as body art or dress up forms. Their skin colours are toned and dark as you can trace that on the pictures taken by some of them who tried to get connected to them earlier. They are good at practising hunting and using bows and arrows.

And some iron has also been used to make the edge of the arrow and other kinds of tools and weapons to protect themselves from wildlife. This is the only work in which they have been expertise in this kind of field. As they have been totally cut off with the outer world so they even don’t know what money is and how the lifestyle of people in the outer world.

North Sentinel Island
Painted their bodies

North Sentential Island is banned for the visitors

The government of India had banned the outsider to visit this Island of the sentential for many reasons. Some reasons are for the health protection of the Sentinelese as they are not aware of the technology. An efficiency of bearing the latest disease of the outside world. They have been staying on the same Island for more than 60,000 years without migrating. So, their immune system doesn’t have the capability to bear the disease of our modern society.

Their wild food and lifestyle of living for thousands of years have been a part of their lives. So, they enjoy their own tribes’ company and celebrates among themselves and very much doesn’t want to involve with any outside people or with their languages. And the latest technologies which they are not aware of it. The Island is the only world for them to survive rather than that they cannot be living in any other places. Even if they been taken forcefully or kidnapped. Earlier in 1880, a British Naval Officer Maurice Vidal had decided to make research on the sentential people so after observing some days a few of 6 sentential was kidnapped and was made their way to Port Blair.

As written:

It was said to be as they were an elderly couple and 4 children were kidnapped for the research but unfortunately, the elderly couples were infected to death so the all-rest children were sent back to their island. This shows that the immunity system is not strong to fight against the several diseases available around the world and this may cause them to death.

Secondly lack of language gaps. None have ever understood those who visited earlier to the Island. And weird behaviour of sentential as they don’t want to interact with the people of the outside world. As mentioned above they killed Allen John Chau who visited the Island to preach Christianity and they also killed the pig and buried in the seashore. All this seems it’s dangerous for the people to visit there. And all this incident has been resulted in banned in North Sentential Island. To prevent people from reaching here Indian government have guarded security close by of around 9.26 km area by the Indian Navy who always keep an eye.

Is North Sentinel being dangerous?

According to so many incidents and the lack of understanding languages of the Sentinelese’s, there is no connection is been made by sentinel to the outer world though many of them tried to get in touch with them in different ways there was no improvement with the behaviours of the sentential they continuously ignore all kinds of contact made to interact with them. In 2004 there was an earthquake in the Indian Ocean, continuing with the tsunami. After some three days ago, an Indian government have flown a helicopter to check the survival of Sentential. But it has been noticed that they were some of the Sentinelese of the island have attacked the Indian government helicopter with stones and bow and arrow. 

Some Incident as:

In the year 1967, some team gathered Mr Pandit an anthropologist, the forest department and some local management from the area of the island, just 50 km to the west of Port Blair had organised to build a friendly interaction by the sentential so they arranged to drop some food item to the Island. Previously some coconuts and irons have been offered to sentential and it was positively been accepted. So, this time they tried to make their appearance more friendly by gifting Pig to them in the boat. After leaving the pig on the Sentential island they visited again the next day and found that the pig was killed and buried on the shore. It’s been clearly seeming that sentinel is not at all interested to serve the outer world with friendly manners.

In the year 2006, the two fishermen were illegally fishing close by the island where it was strictly prohibited by the Indian government but unfortunately, they were killed by the Sentinelese. And ultimately no action was taken for the criminal acts against them.

The next incident took place in the year 2018 month of November a 26 years old John Allen Chau. A US missionary visited North Sentinel Island illegally. the purpose of planning to preach Christianity to the Sentinelese’s but was certainly killed by the people of the Island.

The case of John Allen Chau was a murder by the Sentinelese’s but there was no action been conducted for the people of North Sentential Island. In fact, besides the sentential seven volunteers are been arrested by the police for supporting and encouraging John Allen Chou. To enter the prohibited islands illegally.

North Sentinel Island
John Allen Chau

As Heard:

According to Indian Law entering into a radius of 5 nautical miles, that’s about 9.3 km approx. are illegal. It has been heard by the fishermen given the statement to the police that they have seen John Allen Chau body. His body was been dragged around the Island by the Sentinelese’s. There were no cases or complaints been lodged against the tribal of sentential after this incident. In fact, beyond this seven people were taken into custody in the terms of the doubt. For encouraging and supporting John Allen Chau to make him reach the Island illegally. Since then, the government of India had dumped the concept of gifting them. And also non-permitted of no outsider been issued to reach their island of Sentinelese’s.

The Indian government have made up their mind of not disturbing anymore to the tribal people. And decide that they should be left alone in their own world. And for their safety and protection, they have been surrounded by the Naval officers. A force by the Indian government so that no outsider can pass by these areas.