Top Best drinking Water Purifiers…At Offer Discount!!!

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Water Purifier Kent

Water is an essential part of our living and it’s very important for our day to day life in various uses. Its important to drink filter and purify water’s to stay healthy. So water purifier machine is needed it to get more filtered water to drink and utilize in our improved atmosphere. There are certain water purifier without machine are  also available in the market but that doesn’t seems to provide as good services as water purifier comparison with electricity.  Therefore suggesting you to buy water purifier from the best brand of water purifier ro uv for healthy and hygienic living with mineral ro+uv. The multi-stage purification technology helps to remove impurities, bacteria, germs, virus and salt from water and safe for using and drinking.

  • White, 8-Litres tank, Power Consumption- 60W ; Input Water Temperature-10-35 C ; Booster Pump Voltage- 24 V DC ; Tank Material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Installation: Free installation is provided on this product by the manufacturer. For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call the manufacturer’s customer support directly at 9278912345
  • Can be used for TDS (500-2500). Please use a TDS meter to find out the correct TDS of your water source before buying a water purifier; Maximum distance between the water source and the purifier should not be more than 3 meters
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Product Dimensions: 399 cms (Length) X 255 cms (Width) X 535 cms (Height) Kindly note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown out by the machine. It is encouraged to save the water in a container and use it for cleaning utensils, washing clothes.
  • Includes: Water Purifier, Installation kit and User manual Technology: RO+UV +UF+ TDS Mineralizer water purification.