How to make money from YouTube?

How to make money from YouTube

How to earn money from youtube?

How to earn money from YouTube? YouTube is an online video-sharing platform invented in the American state of California. It’s a very famous platform which made its popularity in all of the globe rapidly spreading at its peak. It’s been treated as a social media or social networking site in the entire world. This is the second most popular website which is been visited after googling. In other words, the second most popular search engine capturing the globe.

Does the question arise how to make money from YouTube?

Its features have been described as letting users upload videos, rate them, share them, comment on them, and of course, subscribe to other users all those being a part of this platform. YouTube allows content like short video clips, a music video, an instrumental or meditation kind of videos, allows short stories, cartoons, reality shows, documentary movies, audio records, movies teasers, vlogs, educational purpose videos, etc.

How to make money from YouTube allows everyone mostly the content is made and uploaded by individuals because this platform has been used for occupying their interest, skills, and talents to reach out to many subscribers through video media. Apart from this media sector like news channels, they are been part of the YouTube partnership program.

The users which are not registered can also watch any video without signing up but, the only difference will be that they cannot upload or like, comment, or share the video without a registered user whereas the registered user can comment, like, share and upload unlimited videos. These described features are the key to how to make money from YouTube.

How to create a YouTube channel?

Step 1.

Sign in to your YouTube account with your Gmail account or if you don’t have a mail account just create the one before and then sign in for YouTube.

There are two types of channels that can be created by myself or a business and you should be aware of these two features when you’re associating with YouTube.

How to make money from YouTube?

Creating a Gmail account in myself means it’s your personal only which you can access and use it. And only people who have their user id and password for the same account could log in to YouTube. The name is strictly restricted to your Gmail account name for the personal channel, and most people have their own name account channel on YouTube.

Whereas creating your Gmail to manage your business account will lead you to access custom channel name whichever you like no need to give your personal name if you don’t want to. You can assign other google account and people as channel managers on your YouTube channels.

In later you can switch off from a personal account to a business account channel or the other way whatever you want.

Step 2.

After signing in to YouTube channel from your Gmail account go to right up left corner and click the profile icon and click on create a channel and those who want to create more than one channel go to setting  Add or manage your channel and there you can see another channel which you created previously and there you will see the option as create a new channel.

How to make money from YouTube?
Step 3.

After clicking on create a new channel, there will be two options: Use your name or Use a custom name. Choose any of them as your requirement as mentioned in the step. 1 the difference between personal and business channel features.

How to make money from YouTube?
Step 4.

Now the Channel has been created. The next step uploads the profile picture here.

How to make money from YouTube?
Step 5.

just below the profile picture, there is the blank field fill up the box tell the viewers about your channel. A short introduction content or bio about yourself. And what they could see or expect from you or your channel. Even you can add keywords or key tags here. (While uploading video’s you need to add some keywords and tags also in video descriptions along with the content on the video you uploaded). Keywords help your Channel to rank faster.


Add links to your sites if you have some among like websites, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook link, etc. After this click the save and continue. And all get set up.

How to make money from YouTube?
Step 6.

Now go back and return to YouTube studio from the right-side icon profile above. And choose your profile here click the icon and move to customize Channel and create a YouTube banner you can use channel arts for the banner and choose from the gallery or else I will suggest which I personally use. All kinds of design banners, YouTube thumbnails and much more can be made here. According to your wish or else some website provides readymade custom banners you can also try from that.

How to make money from YouTube?
How to make money from YouTube?
Step 7.

The next step will be going back to the YouTube studio dashboard and left side corner bottom to setting and then choose a channel and there are more setting that needs to be customized starting with:

How to make money from YouTube?

Advanced Settings:

Choose from the three-option given below as your requirement.

And below this option, there is a Link Account if you have a google ad account you can link here.

Basic Info:

In this field, you can add keywords or key tags for the growth of your channel. If you’re not sure how to choose the ranking keywords. Just check many keywords tools that are available on a search engine for free these helps in also and certain way that’s how to make money from YouTube. Choose the exact keywords that match your Channel and fix them here. The same goes for when you upload any video according to your content choose the exact keywords and fix it up in the given box which will help the subscribers to reach you up with the relevant search.

Step 8.

Back to the YouTube studio left size corner to choose customization and select branding.


Click on branding and will find to choose video watermark you can select any picture according to your channel or else can even add subscribe button here. After choosing the button choose the display time (option given beside). This will be shown in your video as a watermark

And after all, is set and done click publish on the right-hand side. Your YouTube Channel is ready to use.

How to make money from YouTube?

These are all the important and basic settings from starting to ending how to create YouTube Channel. And a complete guideline that your Channel is ready to use. And this will all help in how to make money from youtube.

How to make money from YouTube as a beginner?

What are many ways make money from YouTube:

1. Open your YouTube channel with a simple name so that it’s easy to forward to anyone whom we want to share. This way subscriber and like will increase if they liked your video. Remember more tuff the name of the channel it’s hard to memorize.

2. Now you already have a YouTube channel it’s time to make a unique or knowledgeable video and always tries to keep your video length short (not too long) so that the audience won’t get bored.

3. Always try to improve your content with the flow of your videos. Use better mics, a better camera, and better software for editing.

4. Try to post videos frequently means no gaps so that your subscriber or other guest keeps a track of your channel or videos without forgetting you.

5. Always use tags and keywords in your video description so that the guest or subscriber reaches you with the help of their relevant topics when they search for their favorites.

More Ways of earning money on Youtube

6. When your youtube videos are counted with 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time just monetize your account so that YouTube can place ads in your videos that will be counted as real money to your account. Earning starts here.

7. Don’t be shy while uploading your videos. This will keep your subscriber, guests, and audience intact with your channel and sometimes come live interact with your audience so that they will stay. (A kind of making a good impression and replying to them)

8. Keep more focus on the analytics as a beginner it will help you know which video is viewed more times or how many audiences have arrived at your account etc. with the help of the graph you can keep track of your performance.

9. There are many freelancing work websites subscribed to YouTube so get many ideas and start your own source of income.

10. Promote or sell products. Get tied up being an affiliate marketing and sells company stuff and products which in exchange gives you commissions.

These are the 10 ways to get your YouTube Channel run as an earning platform on how to make money from YouTube.


How do YouTubers earn money?

Once 4000 hours and 1000 subscriber completed YouTube channel get monetized. But you need to complete this within 1 year time period. After monetization YouTube will run paid ads on your videos. More videos you upload more ads will run. Uploading daily videos will increase your viewers, time, and subscription to your channel. And YouTubers earn from advertising being played on their videos.

When do YouTubers get money?

Once your YouTube channel is monetized with 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers or more the payment gets started but views should be around10,000 to get paid. Most YouTubers get payment on the 21st of every month directly deposit on your account.