Paranormal activity – A true story

Paranormal activity

Paranormal activity in the Silence of midnight

It’s been a real story though as a child I had faced many kinds of Paranormal activity in fact my grandma uses to narrate some of the incidents which she has been faced when she was in her teenage years. And I at the age of 4+ as a child who hardly understands what the reality was all about. When I sleep with my grandma, she uses to narrate some real incident stories of all kinds but mostly I was keener in listening to the real one especially as a child-like all the kids use to hear stories of fairy tales, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

I was always keen interested and more attracted to ghosts or real ones. I will continue in other blogs about my grandma’s real incident stories. But in this blog, I’ll be sharing to jot down about my incident being as a girl of age 4 to 5 years.

As a kid in paranormal activity

A kid who was like all normal ones love chocolate, cakes, ice cream, playing with toys, going out playing with other kids, watching cartoons and animated series, etc. Being a Kid of the ’70s there was no mobiles, HD connection, or Internet.

Even I was very fond of kites and cycling as an outdoor game a lot so my whole days go in Nursery schooling from the very well-known Anglo-Indian school and after school, I take lunch and back to terrace. (around 3 pm to 4.30 pm) was my time fixed for playing alone on the terrace. Though I have my elder sister she prefers to take rest with other family members like sleeping in the afternoon for a few hours and meanwhile I play alone on the terrace with kites or toys all alone.

Paranormal Activity

I was born and bought up in the same house in a middle-class family. As a child till the age of 8, my parents have been shifted along with me and my sister to a big flat due to lack of space in the small house where there was a joint family staying together in one roof but different rooms, a place which belongs to our ancestor and it was around 200 years old with one washroom, 3 rooms and a small passage where my dad keeps his scooter.

So, the Paranormal Activity incident starts here…

Being at the age of 4+ when I was growing up slowly and becoming sensible, I noticed some kind of strange voices and movement could be heard from is sleeping on top of our bed. At so young as a kid, I was not aware or have knowledge of Paranormal activity and what it is all about. Since our room was small our parent adjusts all 4 in one double bed with one almirah and a single sofa with a little bit of passage to move out. There was a long corridor that leads to another room where our joint members stay.  I still clearly remembered now also at the age of ’50s that what really happens.

Every night when we were off to bed at around 10-11 pm. Meanwhile, our joint members sleep late around 12 pm or 1. am at night after all the light gets off. This is the timing that made me so frightened that I get stammered out my words. And my body gets numb being a kid. A wide range of different kinds of sounds and movements could be heard. The strange noises that come from the corridor.

My Experience as Paranormal Activity

Marble has been bounced on the floor of cement-like tak-tak-tak. A movement of the wooden chair and table from one side to another in the corridor. The main gate has been banged up with Dham Dham. As If it’s about to break. With the soft movement of a toe sound from a small room. I just covered myself with the blanket from the top of my head and breathe hard with suffocation. Then suddenly I felt as if someone is murmuring in my ears, my heartthrob with the beat of fear. I just tighten my eyes to fall off to sleep or wait long for the sunrise. I just wanted to get rid of this Paranormal movement.

And on the next morning, everything becomes normal as if nothing happened. Every member of the joint gets busy with their daily routines. My mom’s daily routine was to make us ready for school and get back with so much household work. And Dad’s duty was to drop us at the school gate in his scooter. But no one discussed what’s happening in the night. All member behaves so normally as if the paranormal activity has been a part of their lives.

I tried to discuss this matter with my mom. But she uses to ignore the incident every time saying nothing it was a big rat. Who banged the main gate every night. Then I told her about the marble, table and chairs are moving. As if someone is pulling from one end to the other end of the corridor. All the members used to ignore and laugh away saying to me you have seen a dream, little girl. Sleep early to bed otherwise, the ghost will come into your dream and makes fun of me.

Paranormal Activity

My situation…

Every day returning from school I played on the terrace after my lunch so that I can sleep early in the night. And to save me from this paranormal activity and their strange noises.  As the year passed by, I was getting elderly with the sense. And was able to understand what was going on more clearly. It’s been a real nightmare for me till we shifted to our new flat at the age of 8.

Shifting to the new flat was very much relief to me and things started to become normal. But after that, I never stayed or slept in our small room though we visited frequently to meet our other members. Even after that, I discussed all the incidents with my mom again which had happened in the small house. After listening to everything my mom at the last revealed the secret of being quiet.

For so long years was that what I felt at an early age was all real. She agreed it was all “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY”. But since that time my dad was not financially strong to purchase the flat and move on. So, mom tried to keep us safe from being feared or frightened as a child that why she made the excuse for big rats, etc.


Is paranormal activity true?

Well, according to my childhood what I felt and heard with my own ears was the absolute truth. But I didn’t see anything with my open eyes only heard the scary sounds and movements. Some people may have faced it so they found it real and some who didn’t face such an incident will be not sure about it.