Massive Weight Loss: Diet for weight loss for female/male

Weight loss

Weight loss Diet plan

Nowadays everyone is concerned about staying fit and staying healthy by losing weight and want to remain active and slim. People are working hard by going for a morning walk, jogging, exercising, gym, etc, and maintain their daily diet chart as what to eat and drink and whatnot. So below will be explaining some diet plan that really works out for men and women.

This diet plan is very effective if you follow them regularly without skipping to see the result.

Wake up in the morning start your day with a weight loss drink like green tea/turmeric tea or else drink 3-4 glasses of water, it will gear up your metabolism which plays important role in weight loss.

weight loss

Now it comes in breakfast which should be less in carbohydrates and more in protein. Consuming high in carbohydrates can store in your belly as fat. But we all are looking for weight loss in fats not in muscles so for that keep high protein and fewer carbohydrates.

Food is something favorite which one can let go of. Craving food is the strong point that won’t let one lose weight easily. So, mentioning you some of the food which fulfills your craving and at the same time also helps you in losing weight.

Listing down some diet and healthy breakfast which will surely give you a good result. All you just need to make it a routine without missing them in your daily diet.

Have at least 1 liter of water 1 hour after breakfast and 40 mins before having lunch. And in between if you feel hungry you can take some like food as 2 or 3 whole wheat biscuits with a cup of green tea or black coffee without adding any sugar to it. Add some healthy fruits like 1 apple etc.

Note: If you really want all these results to work on then avoid sugar or sweet item as it contains high calories and injure to health. Sugar would destroy your diet plan if you’re looking for weight loss. If you want some sweetened food or drink can consume a sugar-free substitute that is easily available in the market, but that should also be taken one or two times in a whole day.

Those who are vegetarian for breakfast can remove the non-veg portion like eggs and add any other combination to it.

For Breakfast:

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Combined this with any of your options below:

  1. 1 banana with Moong Dal Dosa along with 1 boiled egg/omelette
  2. Oatmeal with your customised vegs along with 3 egg whites
  3. Low fats homemade paneer with skimmed milk and one oil free roti or paratha
  4. Brown bread with low fat skimmed milk along with 1 boil egg
  5. Milk along with Upma along with 3 egg whites

For Lunch:

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Food should be tasty with lots of essential vitamins, minerals, fibers, and some low carbohydrates and proteins as a portion of energy.

You can start your lunch with a plate of salad that should contain cucumber, carrots, cabbage, beetroots, spinach, chickpeas, etc to get the most out of fibers, vitamins, and minerals. All such contains a certain amount of water like cucumber, beetroots, carrots, etc are good for the body and keep them hydrated.

After having a salad, you may feel your stomach full along with salad you can consume a small portion of low carbohydrates and protein meals to keep your diet in balance by taking all required essential items.

  1. Roti/Brown rice with the combination of veg curry/grilled fish
  2. Roti with a bowl of dal/grilled chicken
  3. Roti or brown rice with low fat paneer curry
  4. Roti with curd which is low in fat

Take brown rice of one bowl quantity/roti should be consumed maximum 2 pieces to maintain the diet along with starting with a salad. Whichever suits you taste roti/brown rice.

Then try with the same process of having at least 1 liter of water 1 hour after lunch and 40 mins before having snacks.

For Snacks:

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  1. You can take a two handful of roasted peanuts without salt or a chickpea roasted without salt with a cup of green tea
  2. Take a whole wheat biscuit of 3-4 pieces with a cup of green tea.
  3. Take Makhana (lotus seeds) rich in high fibres should be lightly fried in pan with a pinch of salt for taste and have it with green tea.
  4. Small quantity of oats or upma along with green tea.

You should also take some kind of fruits along with snacks and a small portion of protein also.

Let’s now go to dinner discuss the diet plan:

For Dinner:

weight loss

Remember at dinner you should consume fewer carbohydrates and a balance of protein. So, start again with the salad as mentioned in the lunch diet plan. Then with a small portion of a bowl of brown rice or else 2 roti will also work perfectly as protein-rich can have soya chunks curry/paneer includes with a grilled substance like chicken or fish item.

Note: Always eat dinner early before 4 hours you go to bed.

And in between the 4 hours if you feel hungry you can take some half cup of Luke warm milk or else can consume some almonds or else 1 or 2 whole wheat biscuits.


All these diet charts will work even if you’re in the process of working out with a gym, exercising, jogging, Zumba, etc. But things will be working faster if you do exercises or such activities along with this diet. It will be added as the plus point in shedding your weight loss. Hope this diet plan will help many in a simple way of losing weight. Just stick to this for a better result and a simple step to follow in your daily routine.


How does weight loss work?

Weight loss works when you stick to one diet chart and continuously follow them daily without fail. And stop taking calories like junk food, beverage drinks, eating sweets, etc. all that food which are rich in calories.